How Stephen Miller Became a Key Part of Trump’s Administration
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How Stephen Miller Became a Key Part of Trump’s Administration


Stephen Miller could be described one of the powerful young people in the United States. At only age 32, Miller has become responsible for writing president Trump’s speeches. If the position that president Trump occupies in the United States is anything to go by, then Miller definitely occupies one of the most powerful positions by a 32 year old in the United States.

Just like president Trump, his boss, Miller is also associated with a lot of controversy. That is perhaps one of the reasons that they have been able to work together. Since Trump came to power, Miller has played an integral part in Trump’s administration and has been responsible for some of the major deals that have been sealed. While Steve Bannon, stilled worked with Trump, Stephen Miller could have been said to be the second most important person in the Trump administration. However, since the departure of Steve Bannon, Miller has become the most important person in Trump’s cabinet.

Over the years, Stephen Miller’s relevance in the Whitehouse has grown steadily. As a result of this, he was assigned the task of creating the he country’s immigration policy. Little did he know that this task was going to bring him to national limelight. Also, this role will most likely make or mar him. This position is in addition to writing a lot of president rump’s speeches.

The Early Life of Stephen Miller

Stephen Miller was born to a Jewish family on the 23rd of August 1985 in Santa Monica, California. Although born in a family that appeared to be liberal, Miller chose to become a vigorous conservative. Also, this was a decision that he took as a young boy.

When Stephen Miller was just 16 years old, he wrote a letter to the editor stating that Osama Bin Laden would feel very welcome at Santa Monica High School”. Not long after this letter was written, Stephen started becoming a guest at on conservative talk shows that were held in Los Angeles.

After he was done with high school, Stephen Miller attended Duke University. At Duke University, Miller became very controversial. This led him to appear on CNN where he attempted to shield Duke Lacrosse players that were accused of rape.

While still in the university, Miller met Richard Spencer who he claimed helped him gather money that he needed for a debate. Although Miller did not say more than this, Richard Spencer claimed that he mentored Miller, a claim which Miller denied.

How Miller Became one of Trump’s Administration’s Immigration Policy Maker

After a degree in political science from Duke University, Miller became a spokesman for two conservative reps, Michele Bachmann and John Shadegg. After working for these men from 2007 to 2009, he started working for Jeff Sessions, a man that would end up becoming attorney general. Prior to Sessions becoming attorney general, Miller worked with him as a communications director and policy adviser. As Sessions communication director, himself and Sessions both were at the forefront of the battle against a bipartisan bill which was intended on creating a path for illegal migrants to the United States to become citizens. Miller’s role in fighting the bipartisan bill is perhaps one of the reason that he is now in charge of Trump’s administration’s immigration policy.

As it stands, there are a couple of trustworthy assumptions as regards the confusion that the manner in which the Trump government handled issues concerning immigration is laced with. These immigration issues include the family separation crises, the travel ban on some countries, and the frequent vague signals that the Trump administration gives out. Now, these two assumptions are dependent on understanding the man that President Trump put in charge of immigration. This man is non-other than Stephen Miller.

Stephen Miller could be described one of the powerful young people in the United States

What does Miller’s Profile Say

Based on an attractive profile of  Stephen Miller which was made public in May by Atlantic’s McKay Coppins, it can be easily deduced that the ugly way in which Trump and Miller handled issues concerning immigration is not as a result of incompetence. Rather, it is a deliberate action by Stephen Miller. The reason for this is the immigration policies that were made by Trump and Miller seem to show Millers habit of regularly picking-on liberals. It is believed that Stephen Miller picked up this habit while he was still a student of Santa Monica High School. Unfortunately, Stephen Miller is not the only one with this attitude, it is a habit that many believe he picked up from one of his mentors, Steve Bannon.

Was Miller’s Immigration Policy Chaos as a Result of Incompetence or Purposeful

Not long after Miller got the job to make immigration laws, one of the first actions that he took was to put heads together with Steve Bannon, the then-chief strategist in creating an executive policy that placed a ban on seven Muslim countries from setting foot on the soil of the United States. It is believed by many that this policy was created in a haste and it did not come with any guide on how it was going to be implemented. It got signed on a Friday afternoon, and on Saturday, the airports were filled with people that became unqualified to step foot into the United States overnight. This law led to the detaining of lots of travellers, as well as a series of protests. To a lot of people, this law which already seemed a failure from the outset was proof of incompetency. Nevertheless, Michael Wolff thinks otherwise. In his book “Fire and Fury”, Wolff revealed, quoting Bannon as his source that putting the law to work on a weekend was not done as a result of incompetence but rather was done on purpose. Quoting Bannon, Wolf revealed that this law was made effective on a Saturday “so the snowflakes would show up at the airports and riot”

Although Wolff is of the opinion that the seemingly messy immigration law was done on purpose, Eliana Johnson has a different take on the matter. Johnson believes that Trumps immigration chaos is not as a result of purposeful trolling but due to incompetence. Eliana Johnson believes that Miller is young, paranoid and inexperienced and that has probably resulted in him making an immigration law that has caused chaos instead of fixing problems and make things better than they were.

For a couple of months, there has been an assemblage of immigration hawks-check from different arms of the government in Stephen Miller’s office. There major aim has been to look for a way forward for President Trump’s administration policy on immigration

This meeting takes place very frequently and has Steven Miller chairing it. Although meetings like this are supposed to have lots of important officials present, the reverse is the case. This meeting, led by Stephen Miller takes place regularly with lots of important people absent.

Although a lot of people are not sure of what to think about this issue, it is widely believed that Miller is being secretive about his meetings and immigration plans because he is of the opinion that bureaucrats would make attempts to frustrate the hostile policies that are being made by his administration before it got a chance to even get started. He believed that this would be done either through reporting his plans, as well as making other suggestions to more high- ranking officials or through giving feedbacks to the media

Now, the fact that lots of senior officials were not aware of Stephen Miller’s plans explains why their plan ended in chaos, had many ironical explanations, and legal issues that remained unresolved for very long. It is very difficult to implement huge policy changes that you do not see coming.

Although the immigration policy mechanism that was championed by Miller is secretive and small, there is more to it. In addition to being small and secretive, this immigration policy mechanism is comprised of other people who like Miller are devotees for conservative rules.

The secretive immigration gatherings which were organized by Miller had in attendance a lot of people that once worked in the one-time Sen. Jeff Sessions, a long time immigration hawk on Capitol Hill prior to becoming attorney general. Although Stephen Miller is the most important of all those that attended these secret immigration meetings, he is not the only one that is prominent. Other prominent include Gene Hamilton, who is now a senior adviser to sessions at the department of justice, John Walk, as well as Julia Hahn, a junior White House communications aide who once worked with Bannon.

The name Hahn will definitely be recognized by enthusiasts of radical journalism. This is due to her lush and astonishingly elongated sermons on issues that had to do with immigration at Breibart and how they made her almost as important as Stephen Miller.

The truth is, it might not really be important if Stephen Miller is someone that enjoys confusion and takes advantage of it as a kind of rebellious benefit of authority or attracted it due to his illiberal pattern of making policies. What is important is the outcome of the immigration policy that was championed by Stephen Miller got him into trouble with president Trump.

Although there could be many reasons why Miller got into trouble with trump, one of the major reasons why this happened is the president has the feeling that Miller made him sign a policy that did not go down well with people. It is also believed that Millers policy made the president appear weak

Well, in the mist of all the trouble that Stephen Miller appears to have gotten himself into, you can be sure he will survive any form of rage from his boss, president Trump. This is simply because of his bond he built with the president of the United States while the presidential campaign in 2016 lasted. Also, if Miller maintains his position in Trump’s administration, then, you can be certain that there won’t be a lot of change in America’s immigration policy. One other nibble from Eliana’s point of view is that, Miller gave up power on some other administration issues so he could gain better control of immigration issues in America. Well, that might not seem like much, however, it surely is not good news for anyone that is not favoured by the United States’ immigration policy


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