Mocheddah’s actions will alienate her from the masses
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Mocheddah’s actions will alienate her from the masses

The bane of any artist is alienating himself/herself from the masses. The masses acceptance makes or mars an entertainer. Hence why perception of entertainers by the masses is key. When you as an entertainer lose the masses, there goes your career except of course you are able to reinvent it.

This is why mocheddah’s actions will alienate her from the masses.

When RuggedyBaba called out Nigerian entertainers for not speaking out for their fans, he was merely reiterating what every other person has been saying.

Indeed it is sad how only a handful of entertainers have joined the outcry against the activities of SARS.

Ruggeddy himself has been at the forefront and as such knows the mindset of the masses who have seen the government ignore their agitations and some celebrities act like they do not see or hear the word on the street.

Who is better placed to fight alongside the masses and ensure that their voices are heard and changes are enacted but Nigerian entertainers?

This is why it was preposterous for Mocheddah to come out and criticize Ruggedybaba. One can only allude her action to guilt.

Ruggedybaba never mentioned her by name, his tweet was a call to action, not a criticism and should have been seen as that.

Mocheddah’s actions will alienate her from the masses
Photo Credit: SDZ

Mocheddah duly received appropriate responses from people but one that stands out was that of Hushpuppi. Her response in making a video to throw back curses at people shows either she does not have a management team or they are incompetent.

Her actions will further alienate her from the masses who it seems she is at the moment antagonizing and no entertainer worth his salt jokes with public perception and support. Mocheddah missed her opportunity to appeal to the masses.

Let us get this straight, she is entitled to her opinion. Her attempt however to weigh in on the issue by criticizing Ruggedybaba for his tweet was ill thought out.

We should also point out to Mocheddah that she or any member of her family could become victims of SARS. No one is safe and that is why everyone should join voices to see an end to the menace of SARS in Nigeria.

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