Mr Dash’s Diary- An introduction

Mr Dash’s Diary- An introduction

My name is Mr. Dash and this is my Diary. I am going to be telling you what I experience everyday. However, I am only going to be telling you my sexcapades, romancecapades, rompcapades and maybe chip in an advice or two.

I am by good measure a good looking dude and I have ladies that will testify to this. I am stocky, about 6ft tall, not light but not dark complexioned. I have full grown hair with a slight brown tint on the side. I walk with a slight bounce and a definite strut…and well, enough of that.

I run a bar and also dance, sing and act very well.

Some people who come across me might say I am one of the ‘insanest’ fuckers they have ever met. Some would say I am shy and some that I am too outspoken. Well, enough of that too.

The bar gives me the privilege of meeting new people, especially girls, ladies, women everyday.

This is going to be the tale of our meetings and what happens after we have been introduced. Wait for it, enjoy it.

I am not a nymphomaniac but I really love sex and romance. I’ll however make you wait and tell you what happened between me and Sope next time.

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