Ochumare the rainbow serpent, orisha of the rainbow
Photo Credit To James C. Lewis

Ochumare the rainbow serpent, orisha of the rainbow

You know what makes lives of mortals so admirable to gods such as myself, is that it ends, mortal life is beautiful because they know they have a limited period of time, and that’s why they accomplish so much more than most gods in their entire existence in a life time.

Take a look at the accomplishments of man with or without the aid of the gods, yes we shaped their history, present and future, but sincerely, if I have learnt anything about mankind from my years of studying them is that they are more in control of what happens to them in their life time, they are resiliently determined.

Of course I would deny this in front of the other gods, they already think am a whimp, being the god of the Rainbow and also that business of me spending half of the year with a male top and female bottom, and the other half with a female top and male bottom{though this is as a result of the Greek perception of me as a female, as if being the god of rainbow wasn’t embarrassing enough}.

Ochumare the rainbow serpent, orisha of the rainbow

I will admit it hurts when Shango, Eshu, Orunmilla and others call me Olokolobo, or when they tell me to f**k myself in the middle of the year, or when they call me Shim {She/him}, but I know it’s all just ruse to cover up for their jealousy of me being closer to Olodumare than any of them.

Even Eshu is jealous of me because it is I who bring news to him from Olodumare, so it’s like am giving him orders to enforce, though we had a pact not to let people know so don’t tell the others.

So many confuse me as the messenger to Shango, how that came to be I do not know, though I suspect it to be rumor started by the same Orisha, but he knows am just gonna let it slide.

I require nothing from anyone as sacrifice to deliver Olodumare’s message, though occasional crystal clear water helps make the journey across the spirit realms tolerable.

I am Ochumare the rainbow serpent

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