On becoming a father- The Beginning

On becoming a father- The Beginning

On becoming a Father

As she gave me the news, I had a slight trepidation, “me? A father? Am I cut out for this? Is there a handbook that I need on how to be a father”? These thoughts ran riot in my mind and only subsided when I realized I had nine months to prepare, scratch that 8 months.

Do not get me wrong, I felt an elation knowing that I can father a child and knowing l will soon be a father. It was just that nothing prepares you for that moment. Yes, we see it in movies where men shout for joy, dance and do a host of things showing their joy, but for me, I was caught up in so many emotions at once.

Will the baby be a boy or a girl? Does it really matter what sex the baby is? So I told her please do not tell me the sex if you get to know before delivery. I would like to know the old fashioned way. Now not to get ahead of myself, so here I am, waiting to know my child, to carry my child for the first time and feel what it feels like to be a father.

For now I will ponder on what it means being a father and being responsible for a life, taking decisions for my child and teaching my child about the ways of the world.


A father to be shares what it means to look forward to having a child of his

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