Ori Onise-Ori, the competent Creator
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Ori Onise-Ori, the competent Creator

The head is the most important part of the body not just because it holds the brain, no but because of its interconnectedness with the spirit realm. It doesn’t have to take a Sherlock Holmes to discern that this factor alone makes me the most important Orisha in the whole world.

Yes, I said the whole world. Because every single man at a point starts believing in destiny, the Igbos call me CHI, the Greeks referred to me as the three fates (where they got the idea of me being female I know not), the Americans transfigured theirs to just Fate, Thor will ever be grateful for my part in Ragnarok (not the Marvel’s version because they could never even comprehend what will take place on Ragnarok)

I know what will become of every man on earth even before they are born, I mold their destiny with my very hands, and I am responsible for their personality and represents human destiny. Though many view me as an immaterial entity, but how do you call an Orisha responsible for the actuality and worth of man in the material world Immaterial.

I am not only bearer of destiny but also to be the essence of human personality which rules, control and guides the life and activities of the person. I am ORI

Ori Onise
Atete gbeni ju Orisa
Ori atete niran
Ori lokun
Ori nide
Ko si Orisa ti dani gbe leyin Ori eni
Ori ni seni ta a fi dade owo
Ori ni seni ta a fi tepa ileke woja
Ori ni seni ta a fi lo mosaaji aso oba
Ori gbe mi
Ori la mi
Ori ma pada leyin mi
He who is faster in aiding one than the Orisa
He who instantly remembers his devotee
Ori is valuable
Ori is jewelry
No Orisa can favour one without the consent of one’s Ori
It is Ori that aids one for one to be crowned of money
It is Ori that bless one for one to be using beaded walking stick even to the market
It is Ori that bless one for one to be using valuable cloths
Ori, please, support me
Ori, please, bless me
Ori, please, never turn against me.

To fight me is to fight your destiny, no one has come close to understanding the part I play in the lives of humans, though I will give credit where it is due with regards to Muyiwa Ademola’s Ori, he came close to portraying just how important I am and just how much I aid man in his journey on earth.

Many will refer to me as being partial with whom I give good fortune and who I give otherwise like when I tormented Aganju, even Shango himself, and yes before you ask, I have the same powers over gods.

Not to ignore my so called impartiality, most of the time humans are so impatient that they do not see the big picture due to this get rich quick syndrome of theirs that they mess up with or entangle with powers greater than theirs or they are simply too lazy to take up their destiny in their hands. But regardless of this there are those who are just meant to be poor, you know how the yoruba’s say three generations must never be poor? (Iran meta o gbodo je oloshi), how do you think that came up.

Speaking of the economic crisis of Nigeria, I think I better leave it for the analysts and the country people what I have in store for them this 2017, they are so in for a dramatic surprise.

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