OSANYIN the One who is versed in the use of roots

OSANYIN the One who is versed in the use of roots

Agbenigi, oromodieabidisonso,
One who is versed in the use of roots, one who has a sharp, pointed tail like
that of a chick,
Esinsinabedokinnikinni; Koogoegboroirin,
One who has a liver as crystal clear as a fly’s; One who is as powerful as an iron rod,
Akepenigbaorankosunwon, Tiotio tin, a gbaasookunrin ta giegie,
One whom people appeal to when things are bad, The extremely slender one who, in curing, snatches the apparel of illness and moves as if he would fall.
So be it.

It’s such a shame, such a waste when I see how humans waste their entire life on vanity and its most painful when I see them pass away untimely because of their ignorance. Their fore fathers had the right idea, they saw nature for what it truly is: the answer/ provider to all their needs either physically or spiritually.

Today, all they look up to is the white devil’s invention. White devils who perverse nature and defile the ways of the old which could never have been better before they arrived.

Sorry I got carried away, it’s just too sad to see how the Yoruba society has descended into chaos in the name of civilization.

But what is civilization if not a multi-faceted entity with each phase the upliftment of and acceptance of a people’s way of life and not the gradual process of eliminating piece by piece the core principles, beliefs, customs, rites and tradition of a people.

What do I know about modernity anyways when I thrive in the wild? At least that’s the belief of Olukoso and the rest

OSANYIN the One who is versed in the use of roots

I am Osanyin

Oniewe                                                The owner of leaves

Angberri, Ewe gbogbokikioogun        The supernatural one, one-who-turns-all-leaves-into-medicine

Agbenigi,  Oromodieabidisonso        One who is versed in the use of roots, one who has a sharp, pointed tail like that of a chick

Esinsinabedokinnikinni                       One who has a liver as crystal clear as a fly’s

Koogoegboroirin                                     One who is as powerful as an iron rod

Aronijakotodigunmoya, Aroni,         The custodian of secrets who fastens medicine on his chest

O gbasookunrin ta giegie                      One who forcibly takes the clothes from a sick man and staggers

O l’osomoolokunrinl’orun                    One who forcibly grabs and twists a sick man’s clothes

O gbasookunrin ta giegie                     One who forcibly takes the clothes from a sick man and staggers

Abanija ma jebieni                                 He who fights without being guilty

O sisoarunlaraokunrin                        He removes the man’s clothes

Eegunnla a ayido fun                             A big masquerade for whom the mortar is rolled

Ewe lowo                                                    Leaves in the hand

Ewe lenu                                                    Leaves in the mouth

Gbogboarakikioogun                          One whose body is full of medicine

A le pa le ji                                                who can kill and can revive

Afoogunbakuja                                      He who uses medicine to fight death

Ekuntii so oogunloya                          A leopard that prepares medicine to remove to assaults

O bum u, o bum we                               He drinks some water and uses some to anoint his head

Kolounjemeji bi o sataare                 He has no other food but ataare

O so igba ewe dokan                            He turns 200 leaves into one

Gbogboarakikioogun                           One whose body is full of medicine

Okunrinnlatiifigbo le foogun            The mighty man who preserves the forest for medicinal purposes

Okunrin a fewesoungbogbo to wuu    The man who uses leaves to do all he wants



Yes I was pompous and challenged Orunmilla, my children and I would have won if Eledua had not interfered.

I have learnt my lesson though it took me an arm, eye and leg to. Jealousy has no hold on me again, and I mourn the death of my son daily, who died because of my arrogance.

Doing good now seems to be my strong suit which is why I created the Omiero, a holy liquid consisting of many herbs, liquid through which all Saints and ceremonies have to go through.

I have done more good watching over the sick and bringing them back to life than any other god, I have seen humanity at its worse yet I stand by them and nurse them back to good health, even babaluaye can’t claim such feats.

He claims he knows the knowledge of all plants and which cure which sickness or diseases but all he does is refer them to me. The Ebola would have been the end of him had I not stepped in. how can you claim to know all plants when you are not one with nature.

That’s why I am sooth for in the shell of the coconut. Even as I speak with you, I help nurse oko Aisha back to health.

I cure madness in the twinkle of an eye, small pox turn to goose bumps in my very presence, HIV defects to white blood cells with just a single touch of my hand, yea, you can say I have got that Midas touch.


Image credits to fineartamerica and okmalume

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