Potential Replacements for Outgoing Judge of the US Supreme Court

Potential Replacements for Outgoing Judge of the US Supreme Court

It is no longer news that Justice Anthony Kennedy, a seasoned member of the Supreme Court has announced his retirement. Justice Anthony Kennedy’s plan to retire has been received in good faith by both the president of the United States, Donald Trump, as well as by the citizens of the US. His retirement has saddled President Trump with the responsibility to pick a new Supreme Court judge.

In the small picture, this is Trump’s time to put someone he has in mind on the seat of the Supreme Court judge. However, the more serious part of this is; who is most qualified to fill this position.

Already, there are couple of candidates that have been tipped to fill the position of the judge of the Supreme Court. Let us find out who they are and what their chances of becoming judge are.

Brett Kavanaugh

Potential Replacements for Outgoing Judge of the US Supreme Court

Brett Kavanaugh is one of the last people to get on the list of those that are potential replacements for Justice Anthony Kennedy. Although Brett Kavanaugh was not one of the first people to be added to President Trump’s list of potential replacements for  the outgoing Judge of the Supreme court, it appears he is the most likely to fill that position.

Brett Kavanaugh is currently the judge in charge of the United States’ Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuot. He was born in 1965 in Washington, DC and has served in government since the time of former President George W. Bush. Prior to becoming a part of former President George Bush’s administration, Brett was a lawyer for Kennet W. Starr while the investigation concerning Monica Lewinsky and President Bill Clinton lasted.

In very recent times, Brett was an opposition when his court emphasized a notion which required the government to facilitate an abortion for an anonymous teenager.

Amy Coney Barret

Potential Replacements for Outgoing Judge of the US Supreme Court

Amy Coney Barrett used to be a clerk to Scalia. She was selected by President Donald Trump to fill a position in the 7th United States Circuit Court of Appeals.

Amy Coney Barret was once a professor of law at Notre dame and was born in 1972. Barret became popular after her confrontation with Sen. Dianne Feinstein, a Senate Judiciary Committee ranking member. This confrontation took place after Barret was asked about some of her old writings as regards faith and the law. While this confrontation lasted, Barret was asked by Feinstein if the “dogma lives in her”. This question made lots of people that were in support of Barret infer that Feinstein was trying to test Barret on the grounds of her faith.

Raymond Kethledge

Potential Replacements for Outgoing Judge of the US Supreme Court

Raymond Kethledge is a 51 year old indigene of Michigan. He worked with ford motors for as a counsel and was once a clerk to Kennedy.

Just like other nominees that are tipped to take over from Anthony Kennedy, Raymond Kethledge has critics. Although Raymond is not the only one with critics, his critics seem to be particularly worried about his ideology. At the moment, Raymond Kethledge’s critics are worried about his anti-union sentiment which he delivered in a case which he had to attend to. Kethledge also penned an opinion holding that the government’s collection of business records containing cell-site location data was not a search under the fourth Amendment. That case was recently reversed at the Supreme Court in a 5-4 opinion written by Chief Justice John Roberts.

Amul Thapar McConnell

Potential Replacements for Outgoing Judge of the US Supreme Court

In 2007, Amul Thapar became the first United States’ citizen of South Asian descent to be named to an article III federal judgeship. Amul Thapar is one of the candidates that will hopefully take over from Anthony Kennedy. The 49 year old nominee was selected by Mitch McConnell, Senate Majority Leader to be the United States attorney for the eastern District of Kentucky. In 2006, he went on to a seat on the US District Court for the Eastern District of Kentucky.

In 2017, Amul Thapar was nominated by President Trump to be the 6th United States Circuit Court of Appeals.  Thapar was born in Michigan. He has served in the government and has practised privately.

Mike Lee

Potential Replacements for Outgoing Judge of the US Supreme Court

Mike Lee is one of the few candidates for this post that has never functioned as a judge. Irrespective of this, judicial conservatives have very strong faith in him. This group of people believe that he would not surprise them on the Supreme Court. Mike Lee is a close friend of GOP Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas, Trump was endorsed by Cruz not long after the GOP presidential nominee added Lee to his list of potential court nominees.

Although Mike Lee was not in support of Trump’s coming into office, he is very committed to his conservative ideology, and he was also a two-time clerk for Justice Samuel Alito.

Mike Lee’s father, Rex Lee was a solicitor general under President Ronald Reagan, also, his brother, Thomas who is a member of the Utah Supreme court is also one of the nominees for the post of Supreme Court Judge.

When the news about Anthony Kennedy’s retirement became public knowledge, Mike Lee had talks with some reporters in an unusual corridor interview. The topic of discussion was Anthony Kennedy’s retirement and what would come next after his retirement. While in the middle of this interview, Mike Lee was asked if he had any form of interest in the job that Anthony Kennedy was living open, he responded by saying that he started watching Supreme court arguments for the fun of it when he was just 10 years old. “I could not say no”, he continued. He concluded by making it clear that the president was in the position to decide if he was going to take over from Anthony Kennedy.

Thomas Hardiman

Thomas Hardiman currently functions as the 3rd United States Circuit Court of Appeals. He has a profile that President Donald Trump appears interested in. To the average American Thomas Hardiman might be a judge, however, to his family members, he is more than a judge. Thomas Hardiman was the first person in his family to graduate from college.

Thomas Hardiman was born in in Massachusetts. He is an alumni of the University of Notre Dame and went on to Georgetown University Law Center after graduating from the university.

Joan Larsen

Potential Replacements for Outgoing Judge of the US Supreme Court

Between the years of 2002 and 2003, Joan Larsen served as deputy assistant US attorney general. This period did not turn out to be the best era of any US attorney general. The period between 2002 and 2003 was the period in which lots of memos which authorised water body, alongside various types of torture were released. The fact that all these memos were released during a period when Larsen worked under the US attorney general has made lots of people to question her involvement. Well, Larsen in defence has claimed that she was not aware of those memos while they were being written.

As far as the judicial sector is concerned, Larsen can be regarded as being quite experienced. She once served as Anthonin Scalia’s clerk. In addition to working with Anthonin Scalia as a clerk, Joan Larsen also taught criminal law and constitution at the University of Michigan. This was in addition to serving as counsel to the dean.

Joan Larsen is presently the Federal Appellate judge and has been picked by President Donald Trump to be a potential replacement for outgoing judge of the Supreme Court, Justice Anthony Kennedy. Well, that is why she is on this list in the first place. While there could be quite a number of reasons why Donald Trump selected Joan Larsen as a potential replacement for Anthony Kennedy, the fact that she worked with former President George Bush and was responsible for writing the legal memos on which the Bush’s administrations activities on terror were based is one reason.

Britt Grant


Britt Grant is currently the Supreme Court justice of Georgia. The 40year old judge became the justice of the supreme court of the state of Georgia last year after he was appointed by Nathan Deal. Britt Grant is believed to be a trustworthy conservative if her resume is anything to go by. Over the years, Grant has worked in quite a number of important positions and with some of the biggest personalities in the United States. She served under former President George Bush and was involved in the Domestic Policy Council.

Britt Grant is no doubt very experienced, however, most of her experience is not exactly perfect for Supreme Court functions

William Pryor

Potential Replacements for Outgoing Judge of the US Supreme Court

William Pryor is a 54 year old Federal appellate judge and is one judge that seems perfect for the kind of judge that President Trump will like to work with. Of all the judges that are considered to be potential replacements for the outgoing chief judge of the US Supreme Court, Justice Anthony Kennedy, William Pryor appears to have the best profile. This, perhaps makes him one of the most qualified to replace Justice Anthony Kennedy. One reason why William Pryor’s profile appears to stand out of the profiles of all the potential replacements of Anthony Kennedy is the part he played in the clash that occurred in 2005 between former President George Bush and Senate Democrats. This showdown occurred as a result of judicial appointments.


Although the judges that make it to this list are not the only people that have been tipped as potential replacements for the outgoing Judge of the United States Supreme court, they are the most likely to take off from Justice Anthony Kennedy. Apart from the judges on this list, there are lots of other judges that have been nominated to take over from Justice Anthony Kennedy. However, their chances of becoming the next judge of the US Supreme Court are very slim.


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