Qui Si Convien Lasciare Ogni Sospetto

Ogni Vitta´ Convien Che Qui Sia Morta

 Here Must All Distrust Be Left

All Cowardice Must Here Be Dead

The Nigeria I know and have always known has characteristics similar to that of total chaos. Things just never seem to work and any sign of normalcy is viewed by many as a sign of craziness.

          Described as once having the world’s happiest set of citizens, happiness just does not cut it in Nigeria. You have to be competitive and street-wise in order to survive in this country that is seen by many as a Failed State. This notion is unfortunately shared by certain Nigerians. To them, Nigeria is an experiment by the British which ought to have gone the way of similar experiments e.g India and Pakistan.

          But having survived a civil war in which it is estimated that over a million lives were lost and properties worth billions destroyed, no-one seemed eager to jump the cart and set in motion, the events that will spark the flames of another civil war or a possible break-up. Hence, both Nigerians and the International community watched with trepidation, the year 2015.

          Will the predictions of the intelligence agencies from America come true? Will the entity Nigeria eventually break up? And most importantly, what impact such an event will have on Africa, especially the sub-saharan region?

          And rightly so, as both economical and political structures within this region would be affected, especially in the case of a crisis. Fortunately, am not inclined to discussing the future, as I believe that decisions and actions taken now will shape the future and therefore, what better way to create and shape the future I want for Nigeria than through this medium?

          This is why I want to have an insight of the Nigeria I have lived in so far, to understand her dialectics, ponder on her base and superstructure and how these affect the society in terms of political economy, etc.

          This is why I write on the Nigeria I know.

The above article was written in 2012, and events so far have taken a different dimension. First the year is 2016, Second, Nigerians took to the polls to elect a man regarded as an incorrupt as leader, and since his coming into power, revelations abound about a scale of corruption so mind boggling that Former British Prime Minister David Cameron described Nigeria as filled with fantastically corrupt people. Sigh…..

Is he right? Yes he is!!!, however the complicity of his country is called into the fore, but this is a discourse for another day. More pressing issues of State troll my mind and saddens me. The economy is in ruin through the ‘ineptitude and trial by error” approach adopted by the government. It is unbelievable the price of a bag of rice, or a bag of Irish potatoes. Electronics cost more, petrol is at an all time high, and insecurity has worsened. All within a space of a year. And what is worse is the tendency of present government officials to blame the past administration. In an interview with BBC Hardtalk, “Super Minister” Raji Fashola adopted the same stance, neglecting the failures of the government he is a part of. Prof. Pat Utomi aptly stated that this present government has failed to communicate its intentions properly. This is what Fashola would have done but alas the Super Minister engaged in denial and the blame game.

I choose at this point to not blame but to suggest to this present administration the way forward.


  1. The FG should communicate effectively with its citizenry, and accept feedback. Understanding that the government holds the will of the people and are accountable to the people will ensure that the government is a step ahead anticipating its citizenry’s needs.
  2. Plan and implement accordingly. The government can take a cue from the private sector in this regard. There is no doubt there will be bottlenecks but planning ahead mitigates the effects. The FG needs to look beyond agriculture, and explore other forms of resources. Technology, health, tourism are a few to mention. And frankly, I doubt the FG can plan in this global age with a majority of the caliber of people the President surrounds himself with. Deadwoods like Lai Mohammed, Solomon Dalung, Dr Chris Ngige, Dr kayode Fayemi, etc basically have nothing to offer. Get rid of them Mr. President and get dynamic minds who know what they are doing. Ensure implementation of all projects.
  3. Looking beyond mineral resources and tapping the massive intellectual resources abound this country should be the government’s focus.

Here I stop and reflect, the Chronicles will be back.

Written by GUY FAWKES




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