The price of a birthright is 5000 naira
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The price of a birthright is 5000 naira

The price of a birthright is 5000 naira, which is roughly $13. In case you are wondering how come, then you have not been following the Ekiti governorship elections. Depending on your ward, you might get more than 5000 naira. I heard some people were paid as much as 15,000 naira which is $41.

So a winner emerged yesterday and this winner was poverty as postulated by a twitter handle. The winner was stomach infrastructure. The winner is the mortgaged future of generations unborn. The loser was democracy and the universal suffrage. The loser was the electoral act, and common sense.

Congratulations of course to the governor elect, Dr JK Fayemi. In winning the election, he was able to demystify the myth of Ayo Fayose. It is remarkable that this election produced Fayemi despite all the odds, and as such, congratulations once again.

It is unfortunate however that the victory is clouded by allegations of inducing voters for monetary gain. If at all the people had learnt anything, we could have expected that they vote for substance, for ideology, for belief, for a change of present status quo.

For a supposed fountain of Knowledge State, one would have expected Ekiti voters to make a difference, show that they are no longer a people of stomach infrastructure which by the way is a derogatory term. They however managed to take the term to another level. They have merely exchanged one master for another.

Looking to the ramifications, we can safely say elections will now be won on the heels of the sharing of our National cake. The inducement for monetary gains in exchange for votes is not new, it has always been, but the stakes have been raised now and as a result, you can’t help but wonder just how much will be required for any pf the candidates vying for the presidency to win.

The future of Nigeria just might be sacrificed for monetary gains if we allow those comfortable without selling their birthrights to have their way. We cannot blame them though, as politicians have weaponized poverty, and they know no better, what we can do is to educate them. Should they choose to listen or not is another case.

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