What could possibly go wrong?

What could possibly go wrong?

With trepidation, I scan the headlines of all major news media outlets everyday, hoping against hope that I would get good news about my country, yet all I get is a constant reminder that things are no longer the same and instead of an upward trajectory, my beloved country keeps plunging seemingly downward with no pilot to direct the affairs of state. Barely 15 months ago, people of this country stood up and decided to do away with a prodigious individual who was expected to bring about the much needed change and hope. Alas disappointment, hence the need to discard robes which we felt was wrong for us. Imagine the shock when we discovered that the new robes we changed to, has a lot of holes, and now we might seem to yearn for our former robes. We voted in people we felt would give us our desired utopia, but what went wrong?

Maybe, just maybe the present Administration are not the change we yearn for!!!

A whole lot of things apparently, and to worsen the situation, those we gave our mandate to make things better appear not to know what to do, and to add salt to injury keep making utterances suggesting they have lost touch with reality. A certain spokesman is reported to have suggested that people of this country are not suffering!

Oh what audacity! Is he blind to the fact that there has been an exponential increase in the price of goods and commodities? Electronics prices have soared up, foodstuff, especially perishable items are difficult to get and more expensive, and a whole lot of stuffs that is widely known.

Ghosts of the past come back to haunt us?
Ghosts of the past come back to haunt us?

I could go on and list other areas affected by the ineptitude of our present principal figure, which am sure his spokesman knows. So why make regrettable utterances? Why antagonize the people whose mandate you hold? If I may, I would love to remind him of the fickleness of the people who he has decided to deride with his unguarded utterances. No romance lasts long with them, and if he continually treads this despicable path of “antagonization”, he will definitely pays the price alongside his principal.

I would have loved to advise that our principal and his assistants face the business of governance which we have entrusted unto them, but “they appear to not know the business of governance, and are at their wits end”. So my advice would be to tread carefully, and cease antagonizing the people further else judgment might come too early….sic…. what are these rumors about an impeachment?…..


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